DIY Playground.

New Running Wheel =D

Little Pearl Boi Went to good Home.

BABY WinterWhites for Adoption
Baby Winter Whites for Adoption. =D

Age : one month old.

Collection at : Sengkang / places that are convenient for me.
Containers are provided.

1st come 1st serve.

No fees involved but adopters have to buy a pack of treats [any will do] for my hamster mama.

My Pearl & Sapphire Boys , Normal Female

Dwarf winter white baby. one month old.

DWARF Winter Whtie Baby Diary Day 1-14

This last 2 were the ones that did not make it , my little angels are in heaven now =(

PICTURES ! My Syrian babies diary form day 17 - 22 days old. very cute sleeping poses =D

Syrian Babies Diary UPDATE ! & Father Syrian pics
Babies now are hyper active and eats alot. haha
Eyes are wide opened and drinking alot water.

This super cute fellow is a SUPER eater , eats
alot and sleeps in the food bowl. hahaha

A girl sent me an e-mail for these syrians babies
father & mother pictures. haha
This is the father who is a Long Hair Cream =D

Both Mating. Father [top] Mother [bottom]

Normal & White Face Roborovski Hamsters
They are SMALL . They are FAST . They are super CUTE .


WHITE Face Robos.


Named after the Roborovsky and Koslov expedition, when in July of 1894 a specimen of this hamster was captured. The Roborovski's natural habitat is the desert dunes of the Western and Eastern regions of Mongolia and parts of Manchuria and Northern China.

Roborovskis (or Robs) are the smallest of all hamster species, with adults reaching approximately 2 inches (4 to 5 cm) in length. Unlike other dwarf species, the Rob doesn't have a dorsal stripe and their legs are slightly longer. The top coat is a sandy brown with a slate grey undercoat, the belly and side arches are pure white. Their large black eyes are emphasized with a white facial marking which slightly resemble eyebrows.

Robs are extremely active, making them somewhat difficult to handle, but certainly entertaining. In addition to a wheel, they like several hiding places and things to climb on. Due to their small size they can be difficult to keep in wire cages. In the wild their burrows can often reach as deep as 6 feet! The Rob is a very clean animal. It spends much of it's time with grooming itself. A Roborovski hamster will be particularly please with a dust bath. Dust bath designed for Chinchillas is too fine, but commercial hamster litter is inexpensive and works great, just put some in a bowl and watch them go!

Roborovski Breeding

Roborovski hamsters are easier to breed than the Chinese hamster but slightly more difficult than the Campbells or Winter White breeds with difficulty varying between individual hamsters. In the wild their breeding period is from April to September, but in captivity they may breed at any time of year. The female will usually be pregnant between 23 and 30 days. During the breeding period the female can produce up to four litters of between one and nine tiny pups, weighing only a gram each! Like all hamsters, Rob pups are born hairless and with their eyes and ears closed. They do however have claws and teeth. Robs mature at a remarkable rate, in two days their whiskers appear and after five days their hair is visibly growing. At three weeks they are fully furred miniature dwarf hamsters ready to take on the world without their mother's care.

Info taken from http://www.hamsterific.com/hamsters.cfm

Syrian Babies Diary UPDATE

Babies are now 14 days old . Small tiny eyes are already opened.
They are able to eat solid foods and drink from the bottle , but still
needs to suckle on the mom for milk. =D

Babies are very active through out the day , nibble & eating
every edible thing in their way . Be sure to provide them lots
of high protein food for growth and water .
Babies are now able to be handled and played with for a little
while in front of the mother. Be gentle with them and remember
to put a cushion or something soft below to prevent babies from falling
and hurting themselves.


My Syrian Babies Diary
My Syrian Babies just borned seconds ago , they are about 2.5 - 3 cm long.
Babies are pink in colour , no fur , no eyelids , squeaky with small legs & hands.

Below is a picture of a Syrian baby at Day 1
Babies at this stage depends totally on the mother for milk & warmth.
Do not frighten the mother or touch the babies.
May cause cannibalism due to scent change .

Below are 3 days old babies suckling on milk from mother.

Babies do not grow lil tiny fur untill about the 4 or 5 th days.
Milk-filled tummies could be seem through the thin skin of the babies.
Babies are still not to be touched yet. Provide alot of water for the mother as well as she will lose alot water feeding the babies.

Below are babies at 10 days old , skin colour and fur starts to appear .
Would roam around the cage and nibble at some food here and there.
Babies still needs mother for milk n warmth. For some syrians which develop trust between the owners would allow their babies to be handled , for those who are not ready , just leave the babies alone.

More UPDATES coming. stay tuned. =D

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